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Tanning: Is it safe for the skin?

Αυτομαυριστικό: Είναι ασφαλές για την επιδερμίδα;

"Self-tanner: it's safe for the skin»? and other myths or truths, about self-tanning at home

Are you ready to give your skin, just before going out in the sun, the "warm" bronze shade you've been waiting for all year? Wonderful. But since "the more informed the better self-tanner" is true, it is worth reading beforehand the myths and truths that are heard about self-tanning, especially if you are trying it for the first time.


"Is self-tanner safe for the skin?" The truth of the myth is restored

With the use of self tanners spreading worldwide, the question of whether self tanners are safe for the skin is a very common question that has been expressed many times. Here, Science and Technology provide the answer. As with any product category, in self-tanners, progress brings improvements. Thus, the compositions of new generation self tanners that follow the latest Cosmetology data and apply the newest safety protocols to their compositions, are a safe choice for the skin compared to possibly the less sophisticated formulas of self tanning products of the previous generation (don't forget that the first self-tanners were released in the 60s and since then Aesthetic Dermatology has "reached the moon"!). It is no coincidence that the American Academy of Dermatology recommends choosing self-tanning products as an alternative to tanning with UV radiation from the sun or from indoor tanning sources1.


"Self-tanning requires preparation." Myth or truth?

Truth. Before applying the product, the necessary exfoliating and moisturizing body care is needed, so that the dead cells are removed and the skin can, now renewed, receive the self-tanning product with an even application, without creating "patches" in local areas. We insist especially with the exfoliating light massage on the places where the skin is roughest, such as the knees and elbows. Also, for a homogeneous application effect, it is important to apply the self-tanning product only on dry skin.


Is it true that the self-tanner goes in a certain order on the body parts?

About. More important than the sequence is to apply the product to the body by sections (arms, legs, trunk) completing each section before moving on to the next. Remember to massage gently in circular motions at each point.


Myth that self-tanner doesn't need sunscreen?

Self tanner and sunscreen have completely different roles. The first offers immediate tanning without exposure to the sun, the second protects the skin from the effects of solar radiation. So we never forget the sunscreen under the sun whether we have done self tanning or not.


"Only if it "holds my hand" can I use self-tanner." Myth or truth?

Probably a myth. Not everyone is an expert at self-tanning, and they don't have to be. If this is your first time using self-tanner, be sure to choose an easy-to-use product that is easy to spray even for beginners. The Βronze Water Color Mist it's exactly the practical option you're looking for. It has an innovative airless packaging with a special valve for uniform continuous spraying & easy application.


"My skin will turn orange after self-tanning": Myth too?    

It depends. The possibility of the skin turning unnaturally yellow after self-tanning and acquiring warm undertones that do not flatter it is always open. But not if you use Bronze Water Color Mist. Its specially designed composition offers the visual effect of a natural bronze color that appears faster (from the first 24 hours after application), has a better quality and offers a longer duration of tanning.


“If I have vitiligo skin, I can't cover the contrast with anyone self tan». Correctly;

Error. FREZYDERM's innovative self-tanning spray mist is also ideal for people with vitiligo as it reduces the color difference creating a more homogeneous effect on the skin.

And now, you have all the knowledge you need to leave the myths behind and enjoy the prospect of naturally bronzed skin stretching out before you. Happy self tanning!


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