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ROSE PEPPER: Body Tightening & Remodeling

ROSE PEPPER: Σύσφιξη Σώματος & Αναδιαμόρφωση

The line ROSE PEPPER is APIVITA's natural proposal for reshaping the silhouette.

With its attractive aroma, spicy and at the same time light like the rose itself, and its highly effective compositions, rich in active ingredients and essential oils, the series ROSE PEPPER is a treatment system for Tightening and Treating both Local Fatness and Cellulitis, which will become your best ally throughout the year!

With percentages of naturalness up to 100%, the series ROSE PEPPER offers:

  • Firming and fat-dissolving action, thanks to pink pepper and artichoke.
  • Mild cleaning, with respect to the skin's physiology, thanks to the saponaria and natural surfactants.
  • Effective hydration, thanks to the Hydration Complex, another APIVITA innovation with Greek thyme honey, hyaluronic acid and natural ester.
  • Antioxidant protection, thanks to green coffee, the replacement of water with an infusion of Greek mountain tea, propolis extract and Vitamin E.
  • Holistic rejuvenating care, thanks to the pure organic essential oils, known for their beneficial effect on the skin and mood, which enrich the composition of all the products in the series.



PINK PEPPER (Schinus Terebinthifolius)
Pink pepper has a strong slimming and fat-dissolving effect. It reduces the circumference of the waist, hips and thighs, while making it easier to burn fat stores. In addition, it enhances lymphatic drainage, thus preventing the appearance of cellulite.

  • A clinical study on 18 women, over a period of 28 days, showed that pink pepper contributes to the loss of spots up to 2,2 cm.
  • A clinical study on 10 women showed that pink pepper increases microcirculation by 16,5%, from the first application.

ARTICHOKE (Cynara Scolymus)
Artichoke is famous for its astringent effect on the skin, as it helps to strengthen the connection of epidermal tissues. It also acts lipolytic, stimulating the breakdown of fats. Finally, it increases microcirculation, enhancing lymphatic drainage and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • A clinical study on 22 women aged 20 to 50 years, during 56 days of using the product (with 3% active artichoke), showed an obvious improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin.

GREEN COFFEE (Coffea robusta)
Green coffee is an endemic plant of Africa (Congo), famous for its high content of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine activates the lipolysis process while simultaneously increasing microcirculation and enhancing detoxification. Chlorogenic acid, in turn, has an antioxidant effect and protects against the formation of free radicals.

Rose essential oil is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, as well as vitamin C, which are renowned for their regenerative, moisturizing and softening properties. These substances form a protective film around the skin, improving its texture. Rose essential oil is found in the composition of all products in the series ROSE PEPPER .

Get to know the products of the series ROSE PEPPER

The body care line ROSE PEPPER consists of 3 products, the Foaming Bath with Essential Oils, the Body Firming and Reshaping Cream and the Body Reshaping Massage Oil.

ROSE PEPPER Bubble bath with essential oils
87% ingredients of natural origin
Cleans effectively, offering softness and hydration. Revitalizes both the skin and the mood.

ROSE PEPPER Body Firming and Reshaping Cream
97% ingredients of natural origin
It tightens and maintains the elasticity of the skin, while at the same time fighting local fat in the hips, thighs and waist. Finally, it leaves the skin hydrated and cool.

ROSE PEPPER Body Remodeling Massage Oil
100% ingredients of natural origin
It reshapes the silhouette and helps fight local obesity with a few minutes of daily massage, creating a feeling of warmth. With an active mixture of 15 essential oils, it improves microcirculation, detoxifies and rejuvenates the body.

The importance of massage

  • Massage improves blood and lymph circulation, while at the same time contributing to rapid cell renewal, strengthening the mechanism of toxin elimination and promoting faster body reconstruction.
  • The beneficial effect of the massage is maximized when combined with essential oils. Black Pepper & Rose essential oils in particular have tonic properties in the circulatory and lymphatic system.
  • The correct technique, accompanied by the special essential oils of the massage, attacks the established cellulite while simultaneously offering a unique sense of well-being.

Tips for effective massage

step 1


Place a small amount of oil between your palms. Rub your palms to warm the product and apply to the thigh area. With your two hands, simultaneously massage with long, gentle circular movements, which have an upward direction, so that the active ingredients of the oil penetrate the skin.

step 2


Stimulate microcirculation in the area by performing small "tweaks".

step 3


You then perform steady massages aimed at enhancing lymphatic drainage and toning the tissues.

step 4


Finally, you improve the overall appearance of the skin by making firm upward and downward “taps”, with a closed fist, on the area to be treated.

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