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Tonotil Nutritional Supplement For Energy & Toning 15Χ10ml

Tonotil Nutritional Supplement For Energy & Toning 15Χ10ml

17.79€ 13.17€
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Tonotil Nutritional Supplement For Energy & Toning 15Χ10ml

Tonotil is a tonic nutritional supplement, suitable for the physical, mental and psychological strengthening of the body in periods of relative stress, such as exam periods, intense sports activity, periods of recovery, insufficient nutrition. It also ensures the daily administration of valuable regenerative substances (basic monoacids) to the body.

Tonotil with 4 amino acids effectively stimulates the body and improves mood.

It is useful for children and young people who are studying (especially during exam periods) or exercising, but often consume foods of dubious nutritional value.

It is also recommended for those who follow special diets, because with the quantitative and qualitative reduction of the food taken, the essential amino acids in the body are reduced.

The ingredients of Tonotil are very well protected because they are contained separately in the cap (powder) and in the vial (in solution) and are very easy to mix.

Main ingredients & benefits:
- Arginine : speeds up bone repair time, lowers blood pressure, helps produce nitric oxide.
- Glutamine : necessary for the cellular renewal of the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, it is a precursor of glutamate and glutamic acid which contribute to the increase of GABA and act as neurotransmitters, contributing to the repair and construction of new muscle tissues.
- Phosphoserine and Phosphothreinine: they participate in the synthesis of nucleic acids, most phosphoproteins of the brain and other substances that are neurotransmitters.
- B12-Hydroxycobalamin : promotes protein synthesis and participates in nucleic acid synthesis.

Tonotil is an energizing, tonic supplement that meets the needs of every age.

Basic features :
- Suitable for children over 10 years old.
- Suitable for daily use.
- It has no contraindications, side effects and is completely harmless.
- Contains no sugar.
- Suitable for diabetics.
- With a pleasant taste.

Recommended dosage: 1 vial of Tonotil before breakfast.
- Remove the metal cap of the vial by pulling on the protrusion on the side.
- Push the red plunger to pierce the bottom of the cap and allow dust to fall into the solution.
- Shake the vial well.
- Remove the cap, drink straight away or pour the solution into a glass with a little water.

EAN: 5203622265788

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